Why can't I get my engine to start?

Why can't I get my engine to start?

As soon as your car begins having trouble with starting up, it's best to take action to identify and take care of the underlying issue. By waiting, the problem could quickly worsen to the point that you can't get your engine to fire up at all. At Chuck's Auto Care, our local mechanics are experts at diagnosing and repairing common car problems that cause no-start. By being proactive about bringing your vehicle to our nearby auto shop, we can solve the problem before it leaves you stranded.

Common Causes of No-Start

A classic sign of a bad starter is that you turn the key and your engine doesn't fire up but you do hear a clicking noise. Another symptom of a starter problem is that your engine won't start but your dash lights do come on. A clogged fuel filter can also prevent your engine from firing up. As a fuel filter becomes totally gunked up, a sufficient amount of fuel may not be able to reach the engine. To prevent this problem, you'll want to get your fuel filter replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Gunked-up fuel injectors could also prevent your combustion chamber from taking in enough fuel to get the engine started. To address this problem, you can try using a fuel additive. Another fuel-related issue that can cause no-start is a faulty fuel pump, which could prevent gas from properly moving from the tank to the engine. With a bad fuel pump, you may notice symptoms such as power loss and sputtering.

Another common cause of no-start is trouble with the battery/charging system. When you put a new battery in your car, it should work dependably for a minimum of three years. But if it dies at an earlier age and not due to an obvious issue like leaving your lights on, then you could be dealing with a failing alternator.

Auto Repair in Barboursville, VA

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Posted: June 23, 2021

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