Signs of an Engine Problem We Can Fix at Our Barboursville Auto Shop

Signs of an Engine Problem We Can Fix at Our Barboursville Auto Shop

Signs of an Engine Problem We Can Fix at Our Barboursville Auto ShopAt the first indication of engine trouble, it'll be best to get to the shop for diagnostics. By being proactive, you'll have the best chance to address the issue before it worsens and becomes more costly to fix. At Chuck's Auto Care, our local mechanics are highly experienced with engine repair in the greater Barboursville, VA area. We'll make sure your engine is running efficiently and reliably.

Common Symptoms of Engine Trouble

An illuminated check engine light is often the first sign that trouble is brewing. When this light flashes on, it doesn't necessarily mean that disaster is imminent. However, you should still quickly get to the shop for computerized diagnostics so that the triggering issue can be resolved before it escalates.

Abnormal sounds are another sign of trouble that should be brought to the mechanic's attention. Knocking/tapping noises can be caused by issues such as bad timing, failing rod bearings, and insufficient lubrication. Squealing noises are often caused by serpentine belt problems. Grinding sounds may be due to problems with your power steering or water pump.

Discolored/excessive exhaust smoke also suggests that there's a problem with your engine. Blue smoke is a sign that oil is leaking. White smoke is a symptom of an internal coolant leak and could indicate a blown head gasket. Black smoke is an indication that too much fuel is being burned.

Another cause for concern is power loss. It's not automatically cause for alarm when an aging vehicle with high mileage slowly loses a little power. However, if your vehicle suddenly loses a lot of power, then you could be dealing with a major problem such as piston or head gasket trouble.

Engine Repair in Barboursville, VA

When you need auto repair in Barboursville and the surrounding area, contact Chuck's Auto Care at (434) 423-4477. At our local auto shop, we can expertly address any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: November 2022

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