6 Warning Signs of Alternator Trouble

6 Warning Signs of Alternator Trouble

A healthy alternator plays a crucial role in getting your vehicle to reliably start up and keep cruising down the road. An alternator problem can cause your battery to become drained of power to the point that you end up stranded. When you first notice an indication of alternator trouble, you'll want to get to the shop so it can be addressed before it worsens to the point that you can't get your car to start. Here are six signs of an alternator problem.

Dashboard Warning Light

An illuminated dashboard warning light is often the first sign of an alternator problem. This light commonly reads ALT or GEN, but might instead be in the shape of a little battery. Whenever a warning light turns on, it's important to identify the underlying problem that is triggering it.

Dead Battery

When you put a new battery in your car, it should function reliably for a minimum of three years. If your battery dies before this timeframe and not for an obvious reason like forgetting to turn off your headlights, then you may have a failing alternator.

Issues with Headlights

A faulty alternator can cause headlights to start dimming or flickering. This poses a serious safety issue, especially if you have to commute at night on roads that aren't illuminated by streetlamps.

Problems with Electrical Accessories

In newer cars, there are commonly computers that can determine which electrical accessories should first get a reduction in their power supply when the alternator is malfunctioning. This way, power is preserved for the vehicle's most essential electrical needs. However, this could cause issues with accessories such as power seats.

Issue with Belt

If something is causing you to suspect alternator trouble, then it's worth getting under the hood to do a quick visual check. You may have spotted the source of your alternator trouble if you see a belt that is too loose, too tight, or cracking.


An issue with the alternator can prevent a sufficient amount of power from being directed to spark plugs. Consequently, the vehicle could stall out.

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Posted: May 25, 2021

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